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Date Started December 30, 2007
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Movie Reel Cat Playset
Price: $349.00
At 2' tall, this unique playset is a must-have for any film enthusiast. Both levels of the unit are inlaid with designs to create the look of a film r [more info..]

Sweetheart Scratcher
Price: $179.00
At 3' tall, this lovely scratch perch adds a soft touch to any room of your home, while providing a great place for your cats to scratch. With its 3 l [more info..]

Superstar Scratcher
Price: $249.00
At 3' tall, this amazing scratch perch brightens any room of your home, while providing a great place for your cats to scratch. With its 3 levels, the [more info..]

Sweetheart Staircase
Price: $349.00
At 3' tall, this heart-themed staircase will allow your cats to easily climb up to their favorite hangouts. It is also great for older or overweight c [more info..]

Sweetheart Perch
Price: $329.00
At 3' tall, this lovely perch has a curved heart-shaped bed and 2 heart-shaped steps. You can also use the perch as a kitty staircase, to provide an e [more info..]

Traditional Pet Staircase
Price: $399.00
At nearly 3-1/2' in height and width, this staircase can provide an easy way for your cats to reach their favorite high-up places. With its 2 sisal ro [more info..]

Ladybug Perch
Price: $429.00
At 3-1/2' tall, this nature-themed window perch has a curved ladybug-shaped upper bed and 2 flower-shaped steps. This item comes in the color scheme a [more info..]

Lighthouse Kitty Tower
Price: $749.00
At just over 6' tall, this beautiful lighthouse tower has 4 levels and a lookout area at its top. Each ceiling has an opening so that your cats can mo [more info..]

Layered Cat Tree
Price: $499.00
At 4' tall and 3' in diameter, this space-saving tree is great for cats that prefer to sleep on semi-enclosed places. With 3 extra-large 20 diameter b [more info..]

Staircase Condo
Price: $899.00
At 4-1/2' in height and width, this hollow kitty staircase features 4 interior levels, a total of 7 entryways, 2 sisal rope scratch posts, and a spaci [more info..]

Deluxe Dollhouse Condo
Price: $899.00
At nearly 6-1/2' tall, this lovely condo/tree has a staircase leading up to the spacious condo section, which has an opening in each of its 2 floors. [more info..]

Cozy Orchid Cat Tree
Price: $849.00
At 6' tall, 3-1/2' wide, and 3' deep, this exotic-looking orchid tree has 6 leaf steps leading up to a bed within the center of the flower. With a lar [more info..]

Sea Turtle Cat Perch
Price: $549.00
At nearly 4' tall, this amazing aquatic-themed window perch has a curved sea turtle bed and 2 fish steps. This beautiful piece is truly a work of art! [more info..]

Kitty Jail
Price: $629.00
At 3-1/2' tall and just over 2-1/2' wide, this funny condo has carpeted jail bars in its 5 windows. It features a sisal rope scratch post with a cozy [more info..]

Deluxe Kitty Jail
Price: $799.00
At 5' tall and 3' wide, this deluxe 3-level condo has 9 windows with carpeted jail bars in them, 2 doorways, a sisal rope scratch post with a cozy bed [more info..]

Ice Cream Truck Condo
Price: $699.00
At 2' tall, and over 3-1/2' in length. Beautifully carpeted - inside and out, this amazing condo is a great place for your cats to play, lounge, or sl [more info..]
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