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Date Started December 30, 2007
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We, A And L Merchants, Inc., promote the products from many Merchants or Seller of a product from the web site.
In most cases be paid for these services. We make no claim that the Merchant, Seller, or products you purchase is what they say is or will perform.
Please contact us if you feel your experience was less than expected.

Being with various affiliate programs with several Merchants we suggest strongly that you Read each Merchants Policies.
Our affiliate may third party online advertising companies to deliver advertisements for various Merchants on this site. Some of our Merchants have started using a program we call "Interest-Based-Advertising". There is information gathered from what type of items you view. From here the advertiser can more focus the ads to your interest. For example if you are looking at gold bracelets the Merchant ads may reflect gold bracelets ads. To the best of our knowledge the only information collected from you is related to what interest you the most.
These companies use cookies and similar technologies to collect information such as what you have viewed, price range, style & color to select ads that are likely to be more relevant to your "Interest-Based". To learn more about this practice, or to opt-out of "Interest-Based-Advertising", click here, or to opt-out of "Interest-Based-Advertising", click here.

We hope this will information may be off some help.

We reserve

the right to update as needed so check back often. If you have any concerns or suggestion about us, our Merchants, or our products Please Our Contact Us at info@a-and-l-merchants.com or

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A And L Merchants, Inc.

Loyd Buhler

Last Updated On Monday, August 2nd 2021
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